About Us



The basics

justallstar.org has a long history and, similar to the NBA All-Star Weekend, justallstar.org underwent significant changes in the past. It evolved over ten years to what it is today: the go-to resource for all information about the NBA All-Star Weekend, from 1951 until today.

Something never changed from the very beginning to the present: it’s all just about the NBA All-Star Weekend, and the glorious history of the show event. justallstar.org prepares exclusive lists and statistics that are not available elsewhere. Stay tuned for more of the exclusive content!

The beginning

Founded in 2008 by a Spanish basketball afficionado as allstarnba.es, the website mainly served Spanish speaking All-Star fans. However, soon the in-depth NBA All-Star Game information attracted a wider audience.

At the beginning of 2014, allstarnba.es became nba-allstar.com and all content was also translated into English.

The new page was a huge success and the number of visitors soared, peaking in approximately 500,000 visitors in January 2017 alone.

The challenge

With the world going mobile, nba-allstar.com’s number of visitors dropped since the page was not mobile friendly. Today, at least 2/3 of the visitors use a mobile device for browsing justallstar.org.

Regardless of the challenges, the content has always been appealing and the site consistently receives traffic from basketball fans from all over the globe.

The re-launch

With the 10th anniversary in 2018, it was time for a big re-design and re-launch! At the same time, nba-allstar.com was re-branded and moved to justallstar.org.

Today, justallstar.org is 100% mobile friendly and uses a modern design for the best user experience.

More and new content is regularly added to justallstar.org. Don’t miss it!

The visitors

We are proud to reach a diverse group of basketball fans from all around the world!

65% of the visitors are from the US, 5-6% each from Canada, Spain, and the Philippines, and the remaining 20% are split amongst a number of countries, including the UK, Australia, Argentina, Mexico, Germany, and others.

Over the years, an average of 85% of visitors were male and 15% female. Most of them are between 18 and 34 years old (approximately 75%).

The future


We love to hear from you! Contact us if you should have any questions or comments about justallstar.org.

But now enough About Us. Explore the world of the NBA All-Star Event!