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  • Saturday, Feb. 16 | 8 p.m. ET (2nd event)
  • Televised on TNT
  • Spectrum Center, Charlotte


  • Devon Booker, defending Three Point Champion (see also all 3-Point Champions)
  • Stephen Curry
  • Seth Curry
  • Dirk Nowitzki
  • Damian Lillard
  • Buddy Hield
  • Danny Green
  • Joe Harris
  • Khris Middleton
  • Kemba Walker

  • Defending champion Booker set a new record last year, scoring 28 out of a maximum of 34 points. So the competition for Nowitzki was very strong, after all he was the best 3-pointer of all times among the participants. Stephen Curry won the title in 2015. This time his little brother Seth was also a contestant in the Three Points Shootout.

  • There were five stations, each with five balls. The players could choose one of these stations as their Money Ball Rack, the points from there counted double. Otherwise there was one point per hit and the last ball per rack counted double as well. The time limit for the players was 60 seconds.
  • Harris was the starter and was considered a secret favorite by many people due to his strong performance in the league. The guard scored a total of 25 points and made all of the last eight throws. Walker followed, but he got off to a bad start. Only half way through, it was obvious that his performance will not be good enough (15 points).
  • Middleton performed even worse: 11 points. He didn’t perform at any of the racks. Seth Curry seemed to have got into a good rhythm early, but lost accuracy from the middle rack on. His four hits at the second station brought him at least 16 points.
  • Damian Lillard, who threw quite slowly, only scored 17 points, which was a bit of a surprise. Hield played much faster and had nine points after two racks. He took advantage of his money balls in particular (8/9) and qualified for the final with 26 points. Check out Damian Lillard gear here
  • Green also convinced with the Money Balls (7/9), but the 23 points were not enough for him to proceed to the final round. Another surprise was the performance of Nowitzki, who actually played all balls in time. Nevertheless, there was even an airball right at the beginning and only towards the end the accuracy of the Mavs legend increased (17 points).
  • So it was Stephen Curry’s and Booker’s turn. The double MVP pocketed every throw from rack two, four and five, which was his money rack. With 27 points, he took the lead and built up a lot of pressure for the Suns player. He hit his Money Balls, but at the beginning he was simply not accurate enough. Consequently, the attempt to defend his title ended after the first round (23 points).
  • Harris delivered again. Not only did the Nets player hit twelve 3-pointers in a row, but he also transformed each of his money balls. A strong 26 points were the result.

  • Meanwhile, Hield could not maintain his level and had issues at the third station. Even a decent finish brought him only 19 points.
  • Shortly after the clock started for Curry, the contest seemed to be decided already. Curry hit his first nine throws immediately. After that, the pace slowed down and Curry came under pressure. At the Money Rack, Steph needed all 10 points to equalize, but he missed one throw. 24 points were not enough for him to win.
  • With Joe Harris, there was a new Three Points Shootout Champion.
  • In the interview, Harris mentioned that it helped him to be the first to throw, as he could warm up before. So he started directly with a good rhythm, but his phenomenal performance in the final round just also highlighted his phenomenal 3-point skills.


Joe HarrisBKN2526
Stephen CurryGSW2724
Buddy HieldSAC2619
Devin BookerPHX23
Danny GreenTOR23
Dirk NowitzkiDAL17
Kemba WalkerCHA15
Khris MiddletonMIL11


  • Reigning 3-point champion Devin Booker will participate in the contest for the third time in his career. Booker, a 32% from behind the arc this season, has tied his career-high 24.9 points per game so far.
  • Last year, Booker also set the record for most three-pointers made in a single round earning 28 of a possible 34 points in the final round, defeating Tobias Harris and Klay Thompson.
  • Dell Curry participated in the 1992 and ‘94 three-point contests as a member of the Charlotte Hornets. This year, his All-Star Saturday Night will surely be filled with nostalgia as he watches his sons Stephen and Seth go head to head in this season’s contest.
  • The Curry’s grew up in Charlotte while Dell was with the team, allowing them to get an up close view at aspects of the NBA life from a young age. Now, the two are living it.
  • Over the course of their NBA careers, Steph, 30, has gotten the best of Seth, 28, going 7-1 in games where both played. They have each shot 44% from three-point range throughout their careers, with Seth (48%, good for second in the NBA) edging out Steph (45%) so far this year.
  • The highly competitive brothers have been vocal about their excitement for the competition. “Just being in Charlotte, there’s a nice story-line,” Stephen told Adrian Wojnarowski. He also stated his awareness of Seth’s potential in the contest, “I know [Seth] is going to be gunning for me, though. That’s the problem.” That is expected, particularly after Seth said “he thinks” he is the better shooter of the two on FS1’s Undisputed last year.
  • No matter the result, one thing is guaranteed: a fun-filled, high-skilled night full of memories for the entire Curry family.
  • The other story going into the night is Dirk Nowitzki. The 40-year old will partake in the competition for the 6th time. He previously competed in 2000, 2001, 2006, 2007, and 2008.
  • In 2006, he became the only 7-footer to ever win the contest. Should Dirk take home the title this year, he would also become the oldest player to win the contest.
  • Throughout his illustrious career, he has shot 38% from behind the arc, but has been limited to 26% this year (12-46) in 16 games.
  • Dirk has not publicly expressed any plans to retire at the conclusion of the season, but it is widely expected among many in the NBA, including the fans, which is partly what led to this selection.
  • The fourth contestant is Seth Curry’s teammate, Damian Lillard. Lillard is shooting 37% from distance this year, matching his career average. He has shown exceptional range, and continues to improve every year.
  • This will be Lillard’s second appearance in the contest, previously competing in 2014. With a Trailblazer having competed in 2015 (Wesley Matthews), 2016 (CJ McCollum), and 2017 (McCollum), Lillard’s participation will mark the fourth time in the past five years that the Trailblazers will be represented in the contest.
  • The sixth contestant is Bahamian Buddy Hield. In each year since he was traded to Sacramento, he has increased his threes per game and three-point percentage. Hield is currently averaging career highs in minutes, points (20.3), threes (3.4), three-point percentage (46%), rebounds, assists, and blocks.
  • He has fit perfectly into the Kings’ young system with backcourt mate De’Aaron Fox. He is able to create off the dribble and be consistent on catch and shoot threes as well. Hield will be the first player to represent the Kings since Peja Stojakovic did it four years in a row, from 2000-2004.
  • Toronto will send Danny Green to the three-point contest, marking the fourth straight year a Raptor has participated.
  • Kyle Lowry participated in the previous three contests. Although Green is only scoring 9.9 points per game, he is shooting 42% from three-point range, while making just over two per game.
  • After being traded with Kawhi Leonard from San Antonio, Green has played a crucial role in the Raptors offense. Not to mention, his WS/48 (estimate of the number of wins contributed by a player per 48 minutes) is the highest it has been since the 2014-15 season. It is surprising, but this will be the sharpshooter’s first time participating in the contest.
  • Joe Harris will be the first Net to participate in the contest since Joe Johnson during the 2014 All-Star weekend.
  • Harris is currently shooting 45% from three-point range, good for fourth in the league trailing only Seth Curry, San Antonio’s Davis Bertans, and Buddy Hield. He is making more threes at a higher rate than he ever has in his career.
  • With D’Angelo Russell, Spencer Dinwiddie, and Jarrett Allen all showing potential stardom this year, Harris’ production gets lost in the excitement, but he is crucial to the Nets’ success this season.
  • Khris Middleton will participate in the three-point contest for the second time in his career, previously competing during the 2016 All-Star weekend. Middleton, shooting 38% from behind the arc, has also earned his first career All-Star Game appearance.
  • He and Giannis Antetekounmpo have led the Bucks to a 39-13 record, good for first in the Eastern Conference. Because he has played in the small market of Milwaukee for his entire career outside of his rookie season (with Detroit), much of his production has gone under appreciated until this year.
  • In 2016’s contest, Middleton was eliminated after one round with a score of 13, the lowest of the contest.
  • Hometown hero Kemba Walker will participate for the second time in his career. Walker is shooting 36% this year, and although that is his lowest over the past four years, he is averaging a career-high 24.6 points per game.
  • Walker took part in the 2017 contest, making it to the finals before coming in third behind Kyrie Irving and Eric Gordon.
  • Kemba will attempt to become the first player in NBA history to win a three-point contest in his home arena.

The All-Star festivities were relocated from Charlotte to New Orleans in 2017 because of controversy regarding the Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act. Because of this, it will be the first time Charlotte has hosted an All-Star Weekend since 1991, when Chicago’s Craig Hodges won his first of back-to-back three-point contests.

– Jackson Goldman –


  • Winner: Devin Booker (PHO)
  • In his second appearance in the contest, his debut was in 2016, Devin Booker defeated Klay Thompson with a 28 record score (19-25 shots).
  • To reach these 28 points he made a 8 shots run including a perfect fourth rack.
  • First round was the worst in many years, with no player scoring 20 points.
  • This contest was the fourth edition with the new rules. Every player can pick a rack to shoot five money-balls. That means that the new maximum score is 34 instead of 30.
  • No player has scored all the money-balls of the ‘special rack’ yet.



Players 1st Round Final
Devin Booker 19 28
Klay Thompson 19 25
Tobias Harris 18 17
Wayne Ellington 17
Bradley Beal 15
Eric Gordon 12
Kyle Lowry 11
Paul George 9

Watch all the videos on the official site NBA.com:


  • Winner: Eric Gordon (HOU)
  • In his first appearance in the contest, Eric Gordon showed he was the most solid contestant, but he needed an extra effort to defeat Kyrie Irving in the tiebreaker round.
  • Gordon was the only player to score a perfect rack and he did it two times (final round and tiebreaker) and also had the best run with 7 made shots.
  • Klay Thompson was just one shot away of defending at the final round the Warriors players streak in the contest.
  • This contest was the third edition with the new rules. Every player can pick a rack to shoot five money-balls. That means that the new maximum score is 34 instead of 30.
    No player has scored all the money-balls of the ‘special rack’ yet.



Players 1st Round Final
Eric Gordon 25 20+21*
Kyrie Irving 20 20+18
Kemba Walker 19 17
Klay Thompson 18
Nick Young 18
Wes Matthews 11
C.J. McCollum 10
Kyle Lowry 9
* Eric Gordon won the final tiebreaker 21-18.

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  • Klay Thompson is back to repeat as 3 Point Shootout Contest champion. Could be the third consecutive triumph for the Warriors backcourt.
  • Nobody since Jason Kapono (20072008) has won the contest in two consecutive editions.
  • The competitors with the highest score after the first round will compete head-to-head on the final.
  • Stats through Feb. 3
Player TM 3PM 3PA %3P #
Kyle Lowry TOR 162 379 0.427 2
Klay Thompson GS 149 370 0.403 3
Kyrie Irving CLE 102 258 0.395 3
Kemba Walker CHA 135 336 0.402 1
Nick Young LAL 128 302 0.424 1
Wes Matthews DAL 129 339 0.381 2
C.J. McCollum POR 127 300 0.423 2
Eric Gordon HOU 170 440 0.386 1


  • Winner: Klay Thompson (GS)
  • Stephen Curry had to score the first round last shot to go to the final round, but his teammate Klay Thompsonstole the show tying the 27 points record that Curry made in 2015.
  • Curry made eleven consecutive shots in the first round.
  • No player have scored all the money-balls of the ‘special rack’.
  • This contest was the second year with the new rules. Every player can pick a rack to shoot five money-balls. That means that the new maximum score is 34 instead of 30.



Players 1st Round Final
Klay Thompson 22 27
Stephen Curry 21 23
Devin Booker # 20 16
James Harden # 20
JJ Redick # 20
Kyle Lowry 15
C.J. McCollum * 14
Khris Middleton 13
* C.J. McCollum was the replacement for injured Chris Bosh (strained calf).
# Booker won a 30 seconds tie-breaker (12 points). Redick 9 and Harden 8.

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  • Warriors Stephen Curry made an All-Star record with 27 points to win last year’s 3 Point Shootout Contest.
  • Nobody since Jason Kapono (20072008) has won the contest in two consecutive editions.
  • The competitors with the highest score after the first round will compete head-to-head on the final.
  • Stats through Feb. 3
Player TM 3PM 3PA %3P #
Stephen Curry GS 232 506 0.458 5
James Harden HOU 140 401 0.349 2
Klay Thompson GS 155 357 0.434 2
Khris Middleton MIL 100 243 0.412 1
Kyle Lowry TOR 135 348 0.388 1
JJ Redick CLI 120 249 0.482 2
Chris Bosh * MIA 78 213 0.366 1
Devin Booker PHO 51 122 0.418 1
* Chris Bosh (strained calf) was replaced by Portland’s CJ McCollum.


  • Winner: Stephen Curry (GS)
  • There were really high expectations for this contest after seeing the list of participants, and the players did not deceive, especially Stephen Curry, who won the contest after a spectacular record-breaking 27 points in the final round, including 13 consecutive made shots.
  • JJ Redick made 9 consecutive shots in the first round, but he stepped into the line in the last 3 shots of the fourth rack.
  • Nobody made the 5 successful shots from the ‘money ball’ rack.



Players 1st Round Final
Stephen Curry 23 27
Kyrie Irving 23 17
Klay Thompson 24 14
Wesley Matthews 22
Marco Belinelli 18
Kyle Korver 18
JJ Redick 18
James Harden 15

Watch all the videos on the official site NBA.com:



  • San Antonio Spurs Marco Belinelli defeated Wizards Bradley Beal in the final tiebreaker in last year’s 3 Point Shootout Contest.
  • Nobody since Jason Kapono (20072008) has won the contest in two consecutive editions.
  • The competitors with the highest score after the first round will compete head-to-head on the final.
  • Stats through Feb. 6
Player TM 3PM 3PA %3P #
Marco Belinelli SAS 39 102 0.382 2
Stephen Curry GS 147 364 0.404 4
James Harden HOU 130 336 0.387 1
Kyrie Irving CLE 100 245 0.408 3
Kyle Korver ATL 149 280 0.532 3
Wesley Matthews POR 151 376 0.402 1
JJ Redick LAC 114 264 0.432 1
Klay Thompson GS 145 325 0.446 1


  • Winner: Marco Belinelli (SA)
  • The contest saved the best for the end: with the new rules (4 additional money balls) players can score 34 points instead of 30, but the results of the first round were very weak.
  • Marco Belinelli’s 19 points on the final seemed enough, but Bradley Beal scored a perfect last rack (first on the night) to tie Belinelli effort.
  • On the tiebreaker Belinelli made the best round of the night to win the contest.



Players 1st Round Final Tie-breaker
Marco Belinelli 19 19 24
Bradley Beal 21 19 18
Damian Lillard 18
Kyrie Irving 17
Kevin Love 16
Stephen Curry 16
Arron Afflalo 15
Joe Johnson 11

Watch all the videos on the official site NBA.com:



  • Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving is back again to defend last year’s 3 Point Shootout Contest title.
  • The competition in New Orleans will be really hard: 4 NBA All-Star players and 3 of the best NBA shooters (Kyle Korver declined the NBA invitation).
  • Nobody since Jason Kapono (20072008) has won the contest in two consecutive editions.
  • There are four players from East conference and another four from West conference. The competitors with the highest score from each conference after the first round will compete head-to-head on the final.
  • There’s a new rule for the contest. Every rack has the usual 4 orange balls worth 1 point plus one three-color (money ball) worth 2 points. The change is that each player will be able to pick a ‘money ball rack’, wherever he feels more comfortable, to shot 5 money ball from there.
  • Stats through Feb. 6
Player TM 3PM 3PA %3P #
Arron Afflalo ORL 90 211 0.427 1
Bradley Beal WAS 75 184 0.408 1
Marco Belinelli SAN 74 167 0.443 1
Stephen Curry GS 154 383 0.402 3
Kyrie Irving CLE 81 229 0.354 2
Joe Johnson BRO 86 221 0.389 3
Damian Lillard POR 140 346 0.405 1
Kevin Love MIN 107 285 0.375 2


  • Winner: Kyrie Irving (CLE)
  • Kyrie Irving with 23 points made one of the best scores in a final round to defeat Matt Bonner including 17-18 shots to start the final round.
  • Paul George’s 10 score was the only low point in the first round, where the players with the highest score from each conference advanced to the final.



Players 1st Round Final
Kyrie Irving 18 23
Matt Bonner 19 20
Ryan Anderson 18
Steve Novak 17
Stephen Curry 17
Paul George 10

Watch all the videos on the official site NBA.com:



  • Kevin Love (hand injury) can’t defend his 2012 title in Houston.
  • Ryan Anderson (2012) and Stephen Curry (2010 finalist) have some experience on the contest. They also are the players with the most 3 points scored in the league.
  • Curry and Steve Novak are the most efficient shooters, only surpassed by Kyle Korver.
  • There are three players from the East conference and three more from West conference. The competitors with the highest score from each conference after the first round will compete head-to-head on the final.
  • Stats through Feb. 7
Player TM 3PM 3PA %3P #
Ryan Anderson NO 147 370 0.397 2
Matt Bonner SAN 32 76 0.421 1
Stephen Curry GS 142 316 0.449 2
Paul George IND 108 279 0.387 1
Kyrie Irving CLE 78 182 0.429 1
Steve Novak NYK 91 205 0.444 1


  • Winner: Kevin Love (MIN)
  • Kevin Love needed more than 80 shots to win this contest, including a 24-seconds tiebreaker in the first round and an extra tiebreaker round against Kevin Durant to determine the winner.
  • 2011 champion James Jones performed well and repeating final after a great 22 points first round.
  • It’s not usual that people like Mario Chalmers (18 points) and Ryan Anderson (17) were eliminated, that was probably the best first round since the 1996 contest.



Players 1st Round Final
Kevin Love 18 * 16-17
Kevin Durant 20 16-14
James Jones 22 12
Mario Chalmers 18 *
Ryan Anderson 17
Anthony Morrow 14
* Kevin Love won first round 24-seconds tiebreaker 5-4 against Mario Chalmers. He won another tiebreaker in the final.



  • James Jones will defend his 3 Point Contest title against some of the best shooters of this season, most of them first time contestants.
  • Kevin Love and Kevin Durant bring All-Star quality to the contest.
  • Mario Chalmers is 5th in %3P, while Ryan Anderson and Anthony Morrow lead the league in 3 points made.
  • Morrow will wear Drazen Petrovic jersey during the contest to honor former Net star.
  • Each player has 1 minute to shoot twenty-five 3-pointers. Top three first round results advance to the final round.
Player TM 3PM 3PA %3P #
Ryan Anderson ORL 80 190 0.421 1
Mario Chalmers MIA 57 123 0.463 1
James Jones MIA 19 47 0.404 2
Anthony Morrow NJN 60 143 0.42 1
Kevin Love MIN 44 122 0.361 1
Kevin Durant OKL 54 147 0.367 2
Joe Johnson * ATL 53 149 0.356 2
* Joe Johnson will miss the NBA All-Star Weekend because of a knee injury. His replacement is Thunder forward Kevin Durant.


  • Winner: James Jones (MIA)
  • James Jones won in his first 3 Point Contest against Celtics Ray Allen and Paul Pierce.
  • Jones is the third Miami Heat player who won the contest, after Daequan Cook (2009) and Glen Rice (1995).
  • The first round was a disaster, with Daniel Gibson and Kevin Durant making two of the worst scores of the contest history.
  • On the other side, Ray Allen made 10 consecutive shots, the best streak of the last 15 years in the 3 Point Shootout Contest.



Players 1st Round Final
James Jones 16 20
Ray Allen 20 15
Paul Pierce 12 18
Dorell Wright 11
Daniel Gibson 7
Kevin Durant 6

Watch all the videos on the official site NBA.com:



  • Paul Pierce will defend last season‘s title against another 5 shooters leaded by his teammate Ray Allen.
  • Allen won the Three-Point Shootout contest a decade ago in 2001 and comes back to the contest 5 years later, becoming the third players with most participations (six) behind Dale Ellis (seven) and Craig Hodges (eight).
  • Daniel Gibson is another player with some Three Point contest experience. He was finalist in 2008 (Jason Kapono won with 25 points), and this year has the best average between the six contestants.
  • Three players will participate for the first time in the contest: Dorell Wright, who is leading the NBA in Three-Points made; James Jones who is taking advantage of the space in the Heat offense making more three-pointers and Kevin Durant, not a great three-point shooter, but a big star who will improve the quality of the contest.
  • Like it happened last year, there are no home players (from Clippers or Lakers) in this contest.


  • Winner: Paul Pierce (BOS)
  • Paul Pierce redeem himself from his awful 2002 contest, when he scored only 8 points in the first round.



Players 1st Round Final
Paul Pierce 17 20
Stephen Curry 18 17
Chauncey Billups 17 14
Danilo Gallinari 15
Daequan Cook 15
Channing Frye 15



  • The NBA has announced the six players to compete in the Three-Point Shootout contest. Miami Heat Daequan Cook (who is having an off season) will defend last year championship against all kind of rivals:
  • Veterans with some experience in the contest like Paul Pierce (2002) and Chauncey Billups (2002 & 2004).
  • Rookie sensation Stephen Curry(second generation of ‘Curry’s’ in the contest) will try to improve his father’s performance in 1992 and 1994 when he did not pass the first round.
  • International basketball will be represented by New York Knicks Danilo Gallinari. The Italian is having a great sophomore season and leads the league in 3 point field goals made and attempted.
  • A big player like Phoenix Suns Channing Frye, second tallest in contest history behind Dirk Nowitzki. And talking about Nowitzki, maybe the home fans will miss a Mavericks player like Jason Terry or Jason Kidd in the contest. 

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