2 Ball Contest


  • In 1998, the Nba organization replaced the Slam Dunk contest for the 2Ball.
  • In 2Ball, players alternate shooting from their choice of seven locations on the floor during the sixty second competition.
  • Players must shoot from one of seven locations marked on the floor. Each location is worth a different point value (2-8) based on its distance from the floor.
  • There are bonus’ and violations. The 10 bonus is given to the team that scores from each of the seven shooting spots. The 1 point violation is deducted when any team began before the official whistles, and the 10 points violations happens when any team finishes their 60 seconds without shoot from each position.
  • In the first edition, the NBA made good use of the contest to promote the WNBA (female NBA), a competition that started in summer ’97. The NBA introduced the league in the NBA All-Star Weekend with this contest.
  • Eight teams participated, representing all eight WNBA franchises. Each team had a man and a woman, who played in the same city.
  • This contest was replaced in 2002 for the Hoop-it-up tournament, and finally in 2004 with the Shooting Stars Contest.
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1998 2Ball Contest

Team Houston, Clyde Drexler and Cynthia Cooper

  • The teams were Phoenix, Cleveland, Houston, Utah, Los Angeles, Charlotte, Sacramento and New York.
  • There were 2 rounds. In the first, each team had 60 seconds to get the best score. Two best teams passed to the final.
  • In the first round seven teams were very close (40-54 points), and the worst was Los Angeles (the big disappointment) with 27 points. Houston defeated Utah in the final 73-61. Houston duo made 12-16.
  • Clyde Drexler was almost perfect 7-8, after missing his first shoot (an eight points attempt) he hit his last seven attempts (6-4-5-6-7-8-6) to score 42 points.
  • Cynthia Cooper, who had been WNBA MVP, made 5-8 (7-2-2-3-7) to score 21 points.
    Utah used a different strategy.
  • Karl Malone attempted the long 8 points bombs while Tammi Reiss shot from the rest of the circles. They finished with 61 points. Both teams got the 10 points bonus.
  • Phoenix was the best team in the first round, but they missed the final because of the 10 points violation.
First Round8P7P6P5P4P3P2PVio.Bon.Total
Los Angeles: Bryant-Leslie87050340027
Cleveland: W. Person-M. Edwards240054340040
Charlotte: Rice-Stinson247054040044
New York: Houston-Lobo1676100320044
Sacramento: Richmond-Bolton Holifield1614604340047
Phoenix: Nash-Timms407120000-10049
Utah: Malone-Reiss1676543201053
Houston: Drexler-Cooper8146543401054


Utah: Malone-Reiss2476543201061
Houston: Drexler-Cooper82118543401073

2000 2Ball Contest

Team Utah, Jeff Hornacek and Natalie Williams

  • Hornacek sunk a long seven points shot at the buzzer, breaking a 61-61 tie and giving the Utah team the victory.
  • Jeff Hornacek scored 6-8 from the seven points spot (42 points) and Natalie Williams shot 4-6 from the six points spot and a lay-up, making 26 points.
  • Phoenix team made 61 points. Jason Kidd 30 (5-8) and Jennifer Gillom 31 (5-7). Jeff Hornacek also won the AT&T 3 Point Shootout contest. Hornacek and Natalie Williams used an easy strategy, Hornacek shots from the left and Williams from the right.
  • In the first round, Utah totaled 75 points with the same impressive baseline shooting, while Phoenix scored 62 points.
  • Grant Hill and Jennifer Azzi, almost reached the final for Detroit with 59 points.
  • Cynthia Cooper, who won in 1998 with Clyde Drexler, couldn’t repeat. This time with Steve Francis, they only scored 38 points.
  • NBA wanted to involve fans in this contest. The pavilion was divided in 8 zones, each one played with a team.
  • The winner zone had a present and the chance to win half million of dollars in the case that the winner made a basket from the half-court, but Hornacek missed.
    In this edition, violations and bonus were not given.
First Round8P7P6P5P4P3P2PTotal
Washington: Hamilton-Holdsclaw2400000428
Los Angeles: Fisher-Leslie0761040229
Houston: Francis-Cooper16140040438
Sacramento: J. Williams-Griffith24061000242
New York: Houston-Hammon8286000244
Detroit: G. Hill-Azzi021241000459
Phoenix: Kidd-Gillom162812040262
Utah: Hornacek-N. Williams04924000275


Phoenix: Kidd-Gillom24216080261
Utah: Hornacek-N. Williams04224000268

2001 2Ball Contest

Team Sacramento, Peja Stojakovic and Ruth Bolton Holifield

First RoundTotal
Phoenix: Kidd-Reed20
Houston: Mobley-Swoopes35
Orlando: McGrady-Sales41
Washington: Hamilton-McCray43
Utah: Russell-N. Williams44
Charlotte: Wesley-Staley46
Cleveland: Langdon-Nemcova49
Sacramento: Stojakovic-Bolton Holifield66


Cleveland: Langdon-Nemcova57
Sacramento: Stojakovic-Bolton Holifield62

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