George Edmundson and Jordan Jones

George Edmundson and Jordan Jones Suspended for Covid-19 Violation

Scottish Premiership Club Rangers suspended George Edmundson and Jordan Jones for breaching Covid-19 guidelines. Ibrox’s statement said that the Ranger defender George Edmondson with winger Jordan Jones went to a party on Sunday with friends. However, as per rules, they could only be with their families.

Jordan in quarantine for 14 days, skip the Slovakia match

Rangers are investigating the players for this breach of Coronavirus regulations. They will have to be in quarantine for 14 days.

Stewart Robertson, who is the managing director of Rangers, said that they were placing their actions on the right track. The team would respect its set standards without any compromise.

The team will not ignore such irresponsible behavior from its players. Robertson said that the players must have followed the team’s protocols. This is a pure violation of standards that the Rangers have put up and risking the reputation is unexpectable.

The Ian Baraclough said that 26 years old winger Jordan Jones would not be playing for Northern Ireland at Windsor park In opposition to Slovakia in the UEFA qualifiers on November 12. 

Ian Baraclough determine to intact the standards set by the Rangers

Ian Baraclough, the manager of the team, confirmed that he had a discussion with Jordan about the whole matter and conveyed the team’s point of view.

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He clearly said to Jordan that the team must conduct their protocols and leadership even outside the field. The team always believed in such principles.

He added that Jordan has a lot of prospect as a player and an asset to Northern Ireland F.C., but sadly his choice let down the team. The Irish football club must look after their other players as they will be at risk if any contamination of Covid-19 happens. The team hopes Jordan has taken lessons from this mistake.

George Edmundson and Jordan Jones hardly played for Rangers

Baraclough had Jordan in his squad in October’s international tripleheader. The winger played as the substitute in the Bosnia semi-final. Moreover, they had won the match.

Rangers said that this suspension happened when Kilmarnock faced defeat from the side of Steven Gerrard’s. It was 1-0 from going to the 9 points clearance at the Scottish premiership. Neither Jordan nor Edmondson was in the squad.

Jones had played four times in this season only for the rangers. The British centre half 23 years old George played two matches that too a month before.

UEFA have fined Rangers £4,500

UEFA have fined Rangers £4,500 for violating the Covid-19 regulations for playing in the Europa League qualifiers win at Ibrox against Galatasaray.

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