Event 1955

WEST 91 – EAST 100

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  • New York repeated All Star. This edition was based on the exhibition of two Celtics players.
  • Bob Cousy was the best scorer with 20 points, but the MVP was Bill Sharman, who scored 10 points in the last quarter.
  • Ironically, East coach Al Cervi ordered Dick McGuire to substitute Sharman early in the fourth quarter.
  • The game was very close, with 16 lead changes in minutes, but that substitution never happened.
  • Sharman found a “hot hand” and scored 5 baskets in a matter of minutes.
  • Before the game, players met behind closed doors to complete the organization of their newly formed players representative council.
  • Andrews Air Force Base team of Washington defeated the Armed Forces All-Stars 84-75 in a preliminary game.
  • Cliff Hagan, a future 5 times NBA All-Star Game select, played for the winners.
  • MVP: Bill Sharman (East)

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