Event 1957

WEST 97 – EAST 109

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  • The All-Star Game came back to the Boston Garden after the New York Editions.
  • The stars were Red Auerbach (coaching) and Bob Cousy, who marked the rhythm of the game.
  • It was the fifth victory of the East.
  • The longest shot in the history of the All Star Game was made in this game by Bill Sharman. Taking a rebound early in the second quarter, he dribbled towards the corner to escape the taller rivals and, on pivoting, he made an awful pass to Cousy that somehow fell through the basket without even touching the rim or backboard!
  • Nat Clifton became the oldest player to debut in the All-Star Game with 34 years and 94 days.
  • MVP: Bob Cousy (East)

NBA Legends Game

  • 1957 was the first All-Star Edition with a Legends Game. Another Legends Game was played in the 1964 edition. Later, the NBA All-Star Weekend again only included the All-Star Game until 1984.
  • The Legends Game ended with a score of East 52 – West 38.
  • Box score and full stats are not available for this game. However, check out all the Legends Game rosters here.

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