Event 1964

WEST 107 – EAST 111

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  • The East, with Oscar Robertson and Bill Russell acting on the field like true stars won a tight All-Star match by four.
  • Oscar got the MVP with 26 points, 14 rebounds and 8 assists. Russell also performed exceptionally well with 21 points and 13 rebounds.
  • In the other team, Wilt Chamberlain and Bob Pettit shone, both made 19 points, Wilt 20 rebounds and Bob 17.
  • The East led in the halftime 59-49 and could resist the attacks of the West untill the end of this spectacular game.
  • This edition was threatened by a players’ strike, but finally the game was played, leaving 1999 as the only season without an All-Star Show.
  • Three hours before the game was supposed to start, Tom Heinsohn, Bob Pettit, Bill Russell and Len Wilkens visited NBA president Walter Kennedy and demanded that he call a meeting of the owners immediately to set up a pension plan for NBA players like NFL, NHL and MLB already had done. Kennedy could not get all the owners together in time, but promised that the pension plan would be discussed at their next meeting. The players then gathered in the dressing room and, after two votings (reportedly 11 to 9 first and then 13 to 7) agreed to go through with the game. However, they did not step onto the floor until 9.05 pm, only 12 minutes before the nationwide broadcasted live game (one of the first times) was scheduled to start.
  • Two months later, the owners kept their word and offered the pension plan.
  • MVP: Oscar Robertson (East)

NBA Legends Game

  • 1964 was the second All-Star Edition with a Legends Game, and until 1984 also the last one after 1957.
  • The Legends Game ended with a score of East 50 – West 46.
  • Box score and full stats are not available for this game. However, check out all the Legends Game rosters here.

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