Event 1976

WEST 109 – EAST 123

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  • It was the third All Star Game in Philadelphia after 1960 and 1970, and the second time that the game was played in February.
  • East recovered in the second half and finally won easily, 123-109. Dave Bing, with 16 points in the second half, got the MVP award due to this fantastic performance.
  • In the East team Bob McAdoo and Dave Cowens also performed exceptionally well.
  • In the West the best player was Kareem Abdul-Jabbar with 22 points and 15 rebounds.
  • This edition commemorated the 200 years anniversary of the Independence of the USA (signed in 1776 in Philadelphia).
  • In the first half of the season, Pete Maravich missed 6 weeks because of a shoulder injury, the main reason he wasn’t picked for the All-Star Game. He finished the season with a 26 points average, appearing for the first time in the first All-NBA Team. He became the only player in the NBA history to achieve this honor in a season without having played the All-Star Game.
  • MVP: Dave Bing (East)

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