Event 1992

WEST 153 – EAST 113

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  • In his only game of the season, Magic Johnson was responsible one of the greatest moments in the All-Star Game history.
  • When the season started, Magic announced that he was infected with the AIDS virus. Los Angeles Lakers placed him on the injured list, this way, people could still vote for him and he was selected as starter guard. He made 25 points (9-12 FG), 9 assists, with two unforgivable plays at the final of the game (2 consecutive 3 pointers with Isiah Thomas and Michael Jordan defending him).
  • West won clearly by 40 points (153-113), the second biggest difference in the All-Star history, and the second time that a team won by 40 points or more.
  • There were 13 players on the West 13. Because of Magic’s situation, Tim Hardaway was named as a reserve when the starters were released. Finally, he was not cut from the roster.
  • MVP: Magic Johnson (West)

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