Event 2002

WEST 135 – EAST 120

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  • When Allen Iverson was supposed to be the star in Philadelphia wearing Dr. J number 6, Kobe Bryant stole him the show.
  • Kobe was the most concentrated player in the game. He played like it was a finals game. The worst part for Kobe was the crowd booing him, in his “home” Philadelphia.
  • West dominated all the game, sentenced at the end of the third quarter 100-77.
  • Only a few 3 pointers by Ray Allen at the beginning of the last quarter, remembered the comeback of 2001 All-Star Game, but West shooters scored well too.
  • This edition will be remembered by two plays: The dunk of the year of Tracy McGrady throwing the ball against the backboard and dunking his own rebound and Michael Jordan easy missed dunk.
  • The strange stat of the night was the fact that the five scoring leaders of the East were all bench players.
  • This edition could be called “the 3 pointer edition” with 59 3 pointers attempted, and five 3 pointers records broken.
  • MVP: Kobe Bryant (West)

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