Event 2003

WEST 155 – EAST 145

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  • In his last All-Star Game, Michael Jordan was the star during all the night.
  • Before the game began, Vince Carter finally offered him his starting spot.
  • Both T-Mac and Iverson had suggested to Jordan to start in their place.
  • Michael started the game erratic, missing 8 of his 10 first shots, but the other players did not play better.
  • The first quarter was the lowest scoring opening period in 50 years (18-23), and the first half the lowest since 1976 (55-52).
  • At halftime Jordan was serenaded by Mariah Carey in a ceremony where the singer performed 3 songs including the theme Hero.
  • The third quarter was played in a higher pace. McGrady scored 17 points to give the East a 93-86 advantage with 12 minutes left.
  • With 2:04 to go in the period, Jordan sank two free throws to score his 252 point in the All-Star Game and surpass Abdul-Jabbar as the leading scorer at that time.
  • In the last quarter Iverson and Jordan kept the East leading in the scoreboard, but the West could tie the game in the last minutes (120-120).
  • The first OT almost finished with another memorable game winning shot by Jordan, who sank a jumper over Shawn Marion with 5 seconds left.
  • But the last play still has a surprise with Jermaine O’Neal fouling Kobe Bryant’s 3 pointer attempt.
  • Kobe only scored two free throws, and the game went into a second overtime (138-138).
  • This extra-time was Kevin Garnett Show. He made 7 points and collected his first All-Star Game MVP with 37 points on 17-24 FG.
  • Ben Wallace and Brad Miller became the second/third undrafted player to participate in the NBA All-Star Game, John Starks in 1994 was the first.
  • MVP: Kevin Garnett (West)

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