Players by Height


#1 Yao Ming (7-6 / 229 cm) tops the list of the tallest NBA All-Star Players of all times
  • While Yao Ming “only” ranks #3 of the tallest NBA players of all times, his impressive height of 7-6 / 229 cm makes him the undisputed #1 on the list with the tallest NBA All-Star Players. Mark Eaton, Ralph Sampson, and Rik Smits (all 7-4 / 224 cm) share the second position with a difference of 2” / 5 cm.
  • Yao Ming was not only a fantastic basketball player and, so far, the only Chinese basketball superstar, but also a great team member of the Houston Rockets. Now the Chinese role model re-shapes the Chinese basketball landscape as the President of the Chinese Basketball Association. You can read 20 fun facts about Yao Ming, his new mission and efforts around Chinese basketball in our article about Yao.
  • Yao Ming with 7-6 / 229 cm tops the list, while another Rockets legend, Calvin Murphy, and Celtics Isaiah Thomas (both 5-9 / 175 cm) were the smallest players to play in the NBA All-Star Game and
  • From the players who have been selected to the NBA All-Star Game, there are more than 30 over 7-foot and 9 under 6-foot tall basket pros.
  • List updated until 2019 edition.


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