Most Rebounds Snubs


NBA players with the most rebounds per game, season, and career that got snubbed. Status per December 2018.

  • Players who caught at least 1,000 rebounds in any season, but did not play in any NBA All-Star Game.
  • Most of them achieved this feat at least two times. Walt Bellamy with 5 seasons without NBA All-Star Game and Dennis Rodman with 4 are the leaders.
  • Players who have caught more than 7,000 rebounds in their NBA careers, but did not play in any NBA All-Star Game.
  • Some of these players also appear in the “most rebounds per game without NBA All-Star Game” list.
  • Players who averaged more than 13 rebounds per game in any season, but did not play in any NBA All-Star Game.
  • Nate Thurmond tops the list with almost 20 rebounds per game in 1968-1969. In second place appears Bill Russell, who missed the NBA All-Star Game in his rookie season because he started to play late in December because he was playing in the Olympics (Melbourne 1956).
  • There are a lot of players with multiple appearances on this list, but Dennis Rodman with 6 seasons (all of them in the Top 16) clearly stands out.
  • Four players are shown 3 times on the list: Walt BellamyBill BridgesDeAndre JordanNate Thurmond and Wes Unseld.
  • There are another eight players with 2 presences.
  • Players who averaged/are averaging more than 8 rebounds per game, have grabbed at least 2500 rebounds, but did not play in any NBA All-Star Game.
  • Andrew Bogut (2005) and Chuck Share (1950) are the only former #1 draft picks on this list.
  • Swen Nater played 2 ABA All-Star Games in 1974 and 1975 before entering the NBA.

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