Top 25 Voting Results


  • NBA All-Star voting results significantly increased over the years. By far the highest voting results have been achieved in 2019. 2009 was also a year with very high fan votes. The following list includes the all-time top 25 single season voting records.
  • Before the 2019 voting, Michael Jordan was the only player from before 2000 in the Top 25 list of the single season voting results. He received 2,451,136 votes in 1997 and was still ranking on the 15th place. Due to the high results in 2019, Michael Jordan dropped out of the list.
  • There is no longer any player from the last millennium on the list. Yao Ming with 2,558, 578 is now the highest ranking player from 2005 (a year with also pretty high voting results).


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