Sports Analytics 24/7 Review – Performance Test (Part II)

If you should consider signing-up for a Sports Analytics 24/7 package, reading this review may save you a lot of money. Read on to find out more about the performance of the picks and whether or not it’s worth spending money to receive picks from Sports Analytics 24/7.

Hint for those of you who are to lazy to read the full article: save your money and do not sign-up. Simply pick some 50/50 bets you would like to play and have fun. According to my papers the results will be the same (or maybe even better Now that these few lines prevented you from wasting a lot of money, you might consider a small donation so I can cover my losses for having saved your hard-earned cash 😉

In the first part of this article we covered what Sports Analytics 24/7 is, what service they offer, and what you can expect when signing-up for one of their packages.

This second part focuses on the performance of Sports Analytics 24/7’s NBA and NCAAB picks over a period of 30 days.

Read on if you want to see the winning percentage and the profit and loss statement so far. All results will be updated on a daily basis.


Conclusion after 30 Days

It seems that the only winner of my subscription is Sports Analytics 24/7. They made USD 224.70. I made a loss of almost USD 500 (subscription fee and accumulated losses) in 30 days.

The following table summarizes the results after 30 days during which I placed bets on all NBA and NCAAB picks provided by Sports Analytics 24/7:

DescriptionTotalLosersVoidWinners% Winners
Total NBA/NCAAB1487317450.0%
Play of the Day/Week341801647.1%


The NBA bets were the only positive outcome. The Plays of the Day/Week, which are supposed to be the “most confident” picks, were a huge disappointment with only 47% winners.

The performance of the picks was disappointing for a paid service, or in other words: just in line with expectations for 50/50 picks. This turned into a huge loss of approximately USD 500 for me:

Costs subscription(224.70)
Total bets 2,752.00 100.0%
Profit/loss from bets(273.85)-10.0%
Total loss(498.55)-18.1%



Here my personal answers to some questions:

  • Can you make money using Sports Analytics 24/7?

First of all, Sports Analytics 24/7 will definitely make money from you. Their subscriptions are very expensive for what you get: 50/50 picks.

In my case, placing money on their picks resulted in a huge loss. Half of the loss resulted from the paid service and the other half from the bets.

It’s difficult to make money with simply playing 50/50 bets since the bookie takes its share; you don’t get 2x your wager, but only around 1.9x in case of successful bets. To make money, you need more than 50% winners.


  • How is the performance of the Sports Analytics 24/7 picks?

Most of the picks you will receive from Sports Analytics 24/7 are 50/50 bets. After 30 days and 148 bets, 50/50 was exactly the outcome of the bets placed. 74 out of 148 bets were winners. This is, however, not sufficient to make a profit since the bookie will take its share. In addition, you should not pay money for 50/50 picks. Just play whatever 50/50 bet you like.


  • Based on Sports Analytics 24/7’s social media accounts, it seems that they almost always win. Is that true?

No, that’s definitely not the reality. After 30 days and 148 bets, I only won 50% of the bets and the Picks of the Day/Week were a disappointment. They claim that the Picks of the Day/Week are the “most confident” picks, but only 47% were winners.

Sports Analytics 24/7 only communicates and celebrates successful days/bets. I had several days with a 100% loss, i.e., none of the picks provided was a winner. You will never read about such days on their social media. Don’t get fooled by the communication. They just want you to buy the service.


  • Is Sports Analytics 24/7 legit?

In my personal view: no. They sell expensive packages and it seems that you get random 50/50 picks. The communication is very selective and you never hear about losses.

If they were legit, they would disclose all the results on their social media accounts and website so that everyone could see how the performance really is. However, they disclose only winning days.

In addition, some people assume that they are paying people to post on their social media channels (see the comments to Day 18 below). I have not done any analysis and leave it up to you to assess whether or not the social media interaction is genuine.

Before signing-up for a sports betting service, I suggest you also read this dated but interesting article about sports pick betting services. You will learn who the real winners are.


  • Would you buy a package of Sports Analytics 24/7 again?

No. Just pick whatever 50/50 bet you think would be fun to play. Over the long run the results should be the same. Only play with money you can afford to lose.

Please read on to see the detailed setup for the self-test and the daily results.


Sports Analytics 24/7 Performance Test

In this “field” test, I will place bets on the NBA and NCAAB based on the picks of Sports Analytics 24/7.

I’m not an experienced bettor and will strictly follow all the instructions provided in the Sports Analytics welcome mail and in the email with the tips.

For the test, I will stick to the following principles:

  • Unit size: USD 20 (update: I reduced the unit size due to hefty losses, see below).
  • Consistency: I won’t change the unit size (I had to because of the devastating losses) and will bet daily on all NBA and NCAAB picks provided.
  • Play of the day: 1.5x unit size.
  • Play of the week: 2x unit size.
  • Bets: considering the package, I will only place straight bets, unless otherwise instructed in the email.


Detailed Results

The tables below show the performance to date in two categories. Further below under “Daily Updates”, you will also find a summary of each day.

  1. Cash Performance
  2. Total Pick Performance


1. Cash Performance

The first line (Day 0) shows the costs for the Sports Analytics subscription (USD 224.70). Before generating a profit for me, I will obviously need to generate profits in the amount of the package costs.

BTW: I was probably a little over excited when I signed up for the season package, a monthly package would have been more than enough 🙂

“USD Bets” shows the bets in USD and the “USD Payouts” the payouts by the bookmaker.

The “Profit/Loss” column shows the daily profit/loss, the “Balance” the accumulated profit/loss taking into account the subscription.

L=Loss, V=Void, W=Win, P/L=Profit/Loss



2. Total Pick Performance

L=Loss, V=Void, W=Win, POD=Play of Day (including Play of the Week)



Daily Updates

Day 30

Day 30 marks the last day of this self-test of the Sports Analytics 24/7 betting consulting services.

I was excited to place 6 bets to conclude my review. Unfortunately, all 6 picks, including the Play of the Week were losers! As a consequence, the last day was a terrible loss, minus USD 120, again!

Of course, no information about the huge loss on the social media accounts of Sports Analytics 24/7. They consistently only mentioned successful days so that followers get the impression that their picks are only winners.

With this tremendous loss, the self-test ended the same way it started, with a big disappointment, and loss.

NCAAB (early)
Auburn +7

Syracuse +5**
Saint Louis +6
Furman ML -110
Florida St +7.5

Suns/Hawks O233

Day 29

The second last day of my self test ended with mixed feelings: 50/50. Both NBA picks were winners and both NCAAB plays losers.

However, since the Play of the Day was a winner, the balance was still slightly positive. At least no further loss.

Wis Green Bay/Illinois Chi O158.5
Kent St +15.5

Clippers/Grizzlies O217*
Pelicans/Pacers O222

Day 28

Only 3 more days to go! The last few days were pretty successful, and so was today. 3 out of 4 picks were winners, including the Play of the Day.

The day almost returned 50% of profits, or in my case USD 44.80. Quite solid result.

UCF +7.5*
UL Lafayette +3
App State +2

Heat +5.5

Day 27

Meanwhile, forwarded another comment to me that was posted to the first part:

“These guys are such scammers and they lie on their social media. Boasting that they’ve “won 8 straight NCAAB picks,” on their Twitter. Not sure how that would be possible since they sent me two losers over the last couple days.”

I haven’t verified the post, but I also received some unsuccessful picks in the last couple days. Even though I have to admit that the performance in Week 4 was pretty solid so far with 42% of profits.

However, even if the results were good lately, the overall performance since I started is still negative: 49.6% winners, which is below 50% and therefore disappointing for a paid service. Considering that the bets are mostly 50/50 bets, this is not a surprise, but clearly not worth paying for the service. Though, I’m most disappointed about the Picks of the Day, which did not performed at all in the last 4 weeks.

But let’s get back to today’s picks:

Syracuse ML -125*
UNC +9 (sent earlier, if already played do not double bet)
LaSalle +8.5
North Alabama -2
Rutgers +15.5

Oh no!! I’ missed to place a bet on Syracuse, which was actually the Play of the Day and a winner 🙁 I was also late with the Rutgers Game and used another bet. The pick was also a winner. Both are considered in the statistics above, just not in the profit.

I was not diligent enough and missed part of THIS GREAT DAY. 5 picks, 5 winners and the Pick of the Day was a winner as well. And I was not fully engaged. My bad!

Day 26

Today, two picks and two wins. Great! No Play of the Day. Both picks were NCAAB plays. I’m still desperately in need of good days. Really glad that I’m making some profits again. 85% profit on the wager today, nice!

I played the following picks provided:

Vandy +17.5
Missouri +11.5

Day 25

So today forwarded a comment that was posted to this review. Here what the lovely visitor posted:

“Man you are just negative.  First of all I use these guys and none of what they said in their emails are wrong.  I have bet their ncaa picks and nba picks all week along with their parlays.  You are only using a part of their service.  You are claiming they are being dishonest but really you are being dishonest.  Me and my friends are up over $600 this week using $50 a unit.  Do you work for a competitor or something?  As negative as you are I am glad I don’t know you personally, you would be miserable to be around.”

Let me provide a feedback:

  • First of all I use these guys and none of what they said in their emails are wrong. 

I never accused anyone of wrong statements. Just the period, sports, and leagues they comment on and post on social media are clearly selective. I never read anything about bad days, an unsuccessful period or alike. If they should really believe their bets outperform the bookies, why don’t they disclose ALL PICKS? The answer is simple: people should believe that they are always on the winning side. Read the full review and you will see that this is clearly not the case.

  • You are only using a part of their service.

That’s right. I only bet on basketball because I like basketball. In addition, Sports Analytics 24/7 claimed that NCAAB is their most profitable sport. Obviously, I’m not a betting addict and don’t use all my money for betting.

  • You are claiming they are being dishonest but really you are being dishonest.

I fully disagree. You can read through the entire post and will notice that I disclosed everything correctly.

  • Me and my friends are up over $600 this week using $50 a unit.

Good for you. Maybe the next week will be the same amount of losses (see the stats above).

  • Do you work for a competitor or something?

No I don’t. I’m just an European basketball fan who tried the services of Sports Analytics 24/7. Btw: in Europe, sport bets are legal. In a lot of US states betting on sports events is still illegal. Try daily fantasy sports instead 😉

  • As negative as you are I am glad I don’t know you personally, you would be miserable to be around.

Ok, so here is the point: the comments in this review or self-test are based on my experience and as objective as it can be if own money is involved. With this statement, you 100% disqualify yourself. This has absolutely nothing to do with the topic and is simply bullying.

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Here my question to the very nice visitor: are you paid by Sports Analytics 24/7? Do you maybe also get paid to comment on the social media accounts? 😉

After 3 very successful days with huge profits, things turned south again: 3 NCAAB picks, thereof two losers. The Play of the Day was also a loser. The result of this loosing day was minus 45.7%.

Maybe a comment regarding the statement that I’m being negative: over a period of soon 4 weeks, I played 30 Picks of the Day and Week. Those are supposed to be the “most confident” picks of Sports Analytics 24/7. Out of 30 picks, only 13 or 43.3% were winners. Pretty terrible quota for the “most confident bets”.

Here the picks played:

UVA/Va Tech U120*
Illinois +9.5
West Virginia +7

Day 24

Today I received an email outlining the huge success of the Sports Analytics 24/7 picks:

“Recent Stats for the SA247 Team:
🔹6 Straight Winning Days
🔹Won 9 of our last 10 NCAAB Plays
🔹Won 4 of our last 5 NCAAB Premium Plays”

I compared the claims with my stats. Since I’m playing all NBA and NCAAB bets, I look at the overall performance and not isolated winners/losers. Here how this compares:

  • Last 4 days were positive (not last 6). But remember, I had 6 losing days in a row, including a 100% loss on Day 13 (with 7 bets placed).
  • Yes, the last few NCAAB picks were winners. However, considering the terrible performance over the last couple weeks, around 55% were losers (i.e., only 38 winners out of 84 picks).
  • Again, the last few Plays of the Day/Week were winners. But again, overall the performance of the Plays of the Day is simply not good: only 43% winners out of 28 picks. This is a bad performance for the “most confident” picks.

Lesson learned: the stats very much depend on the selected time frame. Of course, Sports Analytics 24/7 only chooses time periods that show a positive outcome. Don’t get fooled and be careful when taking into consideration the positive statements, they might only hold true for a short period of time or a specific sport.

Today was another good day. 2 plays, 2 wins including a Pick of the Day. Here the bets:

St Johns +3.5*
East Carolina +5.5

The two wins made me a fantastic return of 89.6% on the bets. Though, still not recovered from the hefty losses.

Day 23

No NBA bets today due to the NBA All-Star Game, but I received 5 NCAAB bets. There was one Play of the Day.

Kentucky -3.5*
Clemson +4.5
AppSt ML -115
Penn St +12
Georgia +7.5

All picks were winners! The profits amounted to 83.1% of the wager. Overall a great start into Week 4. Let’s see if I can recover at least a portion of the huge losses incurred over the last weeks.

Day 22

I had a slow start into Week 4 of my self-test. Only one pick which was also a Pick of the Day.

Wright St ML -120*

Since there was only one bet, I decided to apply my standard unit size of USD 20, and it payed off! The bet was a winner and I made a staggering 76% or USD 15.20. However, still a loooong way to recover from all the tremendous losses incurred over the last weeks.

At least this was a friendly start into the new betting week.

Day 21

Five picks today, 1x NBA and 4x NCAAB, with one Play of the Day. Due to the success yesterday, I was able to increase the wager. Let’s see how this will work out.

The picks were actually not bad with 3 out of 5 winners. BUT, the Play of the Day was a loser and so the overall performance was not great. Just positive, which is better than another loss.

Here the picks I received and played:

Arizona +3*
Ark LRock -2.5
Loyola Mary +19.5
Murray St ML -120

Hawks -8

To summarize Week 3: Huge loss (minus 25.5% of the wager) again after the terrible Week 2. As a result, I lost USD 365.77 in the last two weeks, in addition to the costs of the Sports Analytics 24/7 package.

Day 20

With Day 20, 2/3 of my self-test of the Sports Analytics 24/7 picks are over. Since a few days, I’m pretty short of funds in my betting account and I can only play smaller bets; especially since I received 8 picks today.

The first time, I was not able to place one of the bets since the game was not available with my bookie. I will still consider it as if I played it in order that the stats are accurate.

The picks included 1x Play of the Week and 1x Play of the Day. Considering the odds, I have the impression that Sports Analytics 24/7 picked bets that are rather on the “more likely to win”  side. For example, the Play of the Week has odds of 1.74 (i.e., the bookie expects this outcome more often than not). Are they looking to beef up the stats?

Here the picks:

La Salle ML -120**
UCF -7.5
Presbyterian +5.5
Gardner Webb -4 (not available to play, but considered for statistics)
UC Davis -5*
Oklahoma St +6

Nets/Cavs O224
Bulls ML -125

The Play of the Week was a winner. Thanks god considering the odds! Of course, the win was immediately celebrated on Twitter:

Due to the fact that only wins are published, one can get the impression that playing their picks is a winning strategy. If you consider the stats above, you may see that their success quota over the last 20 days is actually negative.

Finally, Day 20 was again a good day! Both, Play of the Day and Play of the Week, were winners. 2/2 NBA winners, and 3/6 NCAAB winners. That adds up to 23.5% profits. I will need a lot more of those days to make up for the tremendous losses accumulated. Let’s call it a start..

Day 19

Four bets played, 2 losers, 2 winners. Since the Play of the Day was a loser, the balance was still negative (minus 14.9% of the wager).

The following picks have been provided:

Southern Illinois -5.5*
Penn St +7
Rider ML -120

Hawks +5.5

Day 18

Well, they are actually celebrating that the Play of the Day was a winner, after 10 POD losers in a row! I never saw any Tweets about the losers. Also note the comment below the Tweet.

Overall, Day 18 was a 50/50 day with 2 winners and 2 losers. 50/50 is the general expectation considering the odds of the picks taken by Sports Analytics 24/7. That is, it was a “normal” day, after devastating losses in the recent past, this almost feels good.

Here the picks:

UNC/UVA Under 140.5*
Bucknell -4.5
Portland St +4.5

Cavs/Knicks U209

Day 17

Can it get even worse? YES, IT CAN! I always felt a relief that Sports Analytics 24/7 only provided 5 picks. And my feeling was right:

The Play of the Day was the 10th losing pick in a row! Remember: Play of the Day are the “most confident” picks. Since I started this review, only 7 out of 21 Play of the Day (including the even more confident Play of the Week) were winners, translating into 33% winning picks. Pretty terrible quota for the “most confident” picks.

Also the other picks were mostly losers. Overall, 4 out of 5 losers, or 80%. I lost 2/3 of the wager today 🙁 Day 17 was the 6th day in a row with a loss, and we are talking about real losses, including USD 170 (or 100% of the bets) on Day 13.

I should have listened to my wife (see Day 1)… Still, I will move on with this test until the bitter end (even though I had to adjust the unit size to place the daily bets since I don’t want to risk more money).

Here the picks played:

Cincinnati +4*
Rider -6.5
LaSalle +7
East Carolina +12.5

Heat/Warriors U221.5

Day 16

Today, 11 picks came in split into 2 emails. One pick is a Play of the Day.

Here’s the issue: after the significant losses over the last few days, the funds in my betting account melted to such a low level that I no longer have sufficient resources to play all bets with the defined unit size of USD 20. Since I don’t want to expose any further money, I had to reduce the unit size for several bets.

Reducing the bet size will impact the statistics with respect to the monetary profits/losses, but will not impact in any way the self-test regarding the performance of the Sports Analytics 24/7 bets.

I played all bets with the highest wager possible so that my account now shows a balance of USD 0. Let’s see how today is going to develop.

Here an excerpt from an email sent by Sports Analytics 24/7 ahead of the Play of the Day: “Our Play of the Week starts at 6pm EST and is in the Duke – UVA matchup! We are so confident in this pick that we are offering it with a huge backing.”

The “most confident play” of the day, that Sports Analytics 24/7 was so confident about, was again… a LOSER. This makes 9 LOOSING PLAY OF THE DAY/WEEK IN A ROW. Meanwhile, Sports Analytics 24/7 celebrated the Parlay Win on Twitter. By playing enough bets, there is always a winner to celebrate.

Unfortunately, the rest of the picks were again a disaster: in total, only 4 winners out of 11 picks. This makes Saturday the 5th day in a row with a loss and, as you can read below, the losses are huge.

The Sports Analytics 24/7 picks were the following:

NCAAB (early)
Clemson -3
NC State/Pittsburgh O148
App St +5.5

Virginia ML -125*
Florida St -3.5
Florida +11
New Mexico +20
Vanderbilt +3
West Virginia +3.5
Arizona St ML -125

Pelicans/Grizzlies O213

Day 15

After the disastrous last week, it’s hard to place further bets. I received 5 picks, 3 NCAAB and 2 NBA, including 2 Picks of the Day.

Guess what? Both Picks of the Day were losers. The performance of the “most confident plays” is impressively bad: 9 out of 11 losers, or 81.8% unsuccessful picks!

Thanks god the other 3 picks were winners, so the day was not too bad with only a small loss, but still a loss.. I need phenomenal days to recover from the huge losses incurred lately.

The picks played:

Georgia Southern ML -110*
UL Lafayette ML -115
Akron -4

Knicks/Pistons U206*
Heat/Kings U217

Day 14

ANOTHER HUGE LOSS! 6 losers out of 8 picks, both Play of the Days were losers!! Remember what Sports Analytics 24/7 claims regarding Plays of the Day: “our absolute most confident plays.” This week, 5 out of 7 were LOSERS. Any further questions?!

“Our card is locked and loaded and ready to go with 10 straight bets!  Are you going to be on the winning team or on the sidelines again? Stop contemplating… Take Action! Bet on numbers, not teams.”  I hope for you that you were on the sideline! Being part of their “team” resulted in a nasty loss of USD 101.20 yesterday for me. In the last two days, minus USD 271.20! Three days in a row with a loss.

I closed the second week with a loss of USD 236, 59% losers, and only 22.2% successful Plays of the Day and Week.

Still nothing on Insta or Twitter about the recent performance: huge loss for everyone who played the Sports Analytics picks.

May advice after two weeks: Stay away and don’t pay for the service, which is way overpriced for just random 50/50 picks. If you like betting on sports, just pick whatever 50/50 bets you feel are most fun!

Finally, here the losers played today:

Indiana ML -130*
UCF +2
App St +7.5
ETSU ML -125
Arizona ML -120

Clippers/Pacers O218*
Grizzlies/Thunder U213.5
Hawks +8.5

Day 13

1x NBA pick, 6x NCAAB picks, 1x Play of the Week, 1x Play of the Day –> ALL WERE LOSERS!! USD 170 LOSS TODAY! “Bet on numbers, not teams”, great numbers..

I doubt that the Sports Analytics 24/7 team will comment on this HUGE LOSS on Insta or Twitter. They only celebrate wins and you never hear anything about a bad day. Can this be legit?

Here all the losing picks:

Cal State Fullerton +6.5**
Nebraska -2.5*
Texas -3
UConn +3.5
Georgia +8
Minnesota +2.5

Bulls ML -120

Day 12

A big Tuesday night with 6 bets; actually, I placed 7 bets since I received a free bet of USD 5 from the bookmaker today. The Sports Analytics 24/7 NBA picks – again – performed very well with 2/2 wins! My free bet – Knicks/Pistons U207.5 – was an easy winner with 197 points in total. So 3/3 NBA bets were winners today. Nice!

But – again – the NCAAB bets disappointed with 1/4 only being a winner. In total, it was a 50/50 evening. Basically not too bad, but with not winning the Play of the Day (which obviously was an NCAAB pick), the day closed with a minus of USD 15.60. Not terrible, but still a loss today.

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The picks for tonight were:

Rutgers +9.5*
Akron +7
NC State +10.5
Loyola -7

Lakers/Pacers O217.5
Cavs +10

Considering the fantastic Day 9 (second day of the week), the second week is still profitable. Nevertheless, I’m currently a little disappointed about the performance of the NCAAB picks with less than 50% being successful, and also the Play of the Days are not yet performing good this week.

Day 11

On Monday, Sports Analytics provided 2 NBA and 3 NCAAB picks:

Virginia Tech -4.5*
Penn St +3.5
WVU/Texas tech U136

Kings +1.5
Pacers/Pelicans O218.5

The first result that came in was the Pick of the Day. Unfortunately, it was a loser. The start into the evening could have been better. Luckily, the day ended with 3/5 successful bets, or 60%.

The 60% win ratio sounds good, but since the Pick of the Day was a loss, this only turned into USD 3.60 of profits. However, every positive day is a good day!

After 11 days, NCAAB picks were exactly 50% winners and 50% losers. BUT, NBA picks performed very well with only 34.8% unsuccessful bets. Pretty nice result. Overall, I only lost 43.4% of the bets, quite impressive.

Day 10

Day 10 was Super Bowl day! Still, I was placing my bets provided by Sports Analytics 24/7. There were 2 NCAAB and 1 NBA picks.

Denver +7.5
Xavier +6

Grizzlies/Knicks U201

Unfortunately, both NCAAB plays were losers. At least the NBA pick was a winner, which helped to mitigate the loss, which amounted to USD 21.20.

Due to the fantastic Saturday, the second week is still profitable.

Day 9

Just to mention it right at the beginning: Day 9 was GREAT! 5/6 picks were winners. Finally the bets I was hoping for from the very beginning. Is this finally the magic starting now?

Saturday is typically a day with a lot of games and picks. The early bets came in shortly before 11am ET. 3 NCAAB picks, including 1 Play of the Day.

The second email with the evening picks arrived in my inbox around 4:30pm so that there was enough time to place the bets. The daily picks were the following:

NCAAB (early)
Virginia Tech +2*
St John +17
Miami +19.5

UC Davis ML -110
Indiana +14

Mavs/Cavs U209.5

The 5 winners translated into a return of 58.5% of the bets or USD 76.10. An important day in view of the long-term success.

The profits will help to cover for the upfront fees paid for the Sports Analytics 24/7 services. The seasons are still long and there is plenty of time to accumulate a profit, or a loss.

Looking forward to the next few days after this great Saturday!

Day 8

Day 8 marks the start into the 2 week. I received 3 NBA and 1 NCAAB pick, with 2 Play of the Day picks!

Celtics/Knicks U216*
Grizzlies/Hornets U205
Hawks +11.5

Wright St -130*

The NCAAB Play of the Day was a loser. In contrary, the NBA Play of the Day was, thank god, successful. The other two plays were also 1 winner and 1 loser, so overall it was a 50/50 day.

However, 50/50 is not enough to be profitable and Day 8 ended with a loss of USD 7.70. Not bad, but definitely not good either. I’m still pretty far away from break even considering the Sports Analytics 24/7 subscription fee.

Day 7

Already the last day of my first betting week. As usual, the picks came in at around 4:30pm ET so that there was enough time to place the bets. I received 3 NCAAB and 1 NBA pick:

Appalachian St ML -110*
Penn St +7
BYU +14

Lakers +4

Nice start: the Play of the Day was the first game tonight and it was a winner! Interesting to see how the odds for the Lakers game are changing. When I placed the bet shortly before 5pm, the odds for the pick where 1.92. Now the revised odds are 1.6. Good pick Sports Analytics 24/7 Team! Let’s hope that it’s going to be a winner..

I lost the second bet on the Penn State +7 pick. Two more winners and it’s still a good day.

The day ended with 2 winners and 2 losers. However, with the Pick of the Day being successful, I completed the day with a small profit of USD 4.5.

With Day 7 coming to an end, I have completed the first week of this practical test of the Sports Analytics 24/7 betting consultancy service. Here the interim conclusion:

  • I placed a total of 35 bets in the first 7 days. All bets strictly based on the picks received by Sports Analytics 24/7.
  • Week 1 ended with a small profit of USD 22.10, or 2.8% of the total amount put at risk.
  • With only 37.5% losers, NBA picks performed significantly better than NCAAB picks with 52.6% losers. I’m curious to see how the winning quota is going to develop next week.
  • 5 out of 8 Plays of the Day (including Plays of the Week), or 62.5%, were winners.
  • 4 out of 7 days ended with a profit.

After the terrible start with two significant losses in the first two days, the week turned to positive on Day 3 and 4. As stated in the welcome email sent by Sports Analytics 24/7, it seems to be important to follow the plan and be consistent, i.e., no change of unit size, no missed days.

Even though the level of profits is a little behind what I was hoping for (though, I’m glad that I immediately recovered from the losses in the first to days), I had a lot of fun in week 1 betting on the Sports Analytics 24/7 picks.

Now I’m ready and really excited for week 2, hopefully with a lot of winners!

Day 6

This is an exciting day with 7 bets, 2 on NBA and 5 on NCAAB games. With the Play of the Day, the total wager amounted to USD 150, so Day 6 is quite important in view of the first week results. Here the picks:

St Johns +4*
Wake Forest +10
USC +7
North Florida -10.5
Presbyterian +1.5

Mavs/Knicks U215
Hawks +5

Luckily, the Play of the Day was a winner! Overall, Day 6 ended with 3 winning (1 NBA and 2 NCAAB) and 4 losing (1 NBA and 3 NCAAB) picks. Due to the Pick of the Day being a winner, the financial setback was not that bad, minus USD 14.70.

Over the period of 6 days, I still have a profit of USD 17.60 (not considering the Sports Analytics 24/7 subscription fee) or 2.5% return on the total wager of USD 700. In the long run, I’m hoping for a return of 14%. Let’s see how things will develop.

Tomorrow, I’ll complete the first week. Would be great to have another successful day so that the week would end with a profit and the majority of days being winners!

Day 5

Day 5 is exciting with a Play of the Day (1.5x unit size) and a Play of the Week (2x unit size). There were 5 picks in total, 3 NCAAB and 2 NBA:

Texas ML -125**
NC State +7.5
Eastern Michigan +2.5

Spurs/Suns O225
Magic +4*

The Pick of the Week with a double unit size bet was a winner!

Unfortunately, the Pick of the Day did not perform. With one bet still open, today is a 50/50 day so far. The outcome of the last game (Spurs/Suns O225) will decide on whether this will be the third successful day in a row. In any case, the risk of a significant loss has already been reduced and I’m confident that the Spurs and Suns will each score more than 20 points in the last quarter.

The last bet was an easy win and I can close the third day in a row with a profit. Day 5 ended with 3 out of 5 wins (60%) and a profit of USD 13.80, or a return of 10.6% on the total bets.

So far, I have a lot of fun betting on sports using the Sports Analytics Team’s picks, even though I had serious doubts after the rough first two days. It seems that the Team is right: this is not a get rich quick scheme, be consistent with your bets (don’t miss a day, stick to the plan), and bet over a long period of time.

By the way, the Sports Daily published an article about Sports Analytics 24/7: “Sports Analytics is demonstrating once again that when you base your decisions on numbers and data – and remove emotion – all types of bets can be profitable.” The future is now, with Sports Analytics 24/7. Hmmm, is this maybe a sponsored article?

Day 4

The email with the picks arrived at 4:36pm ET in my inbox. 3 NBA picks, no NCAAB (made me a little nervous after Day 1):

Nuggets/Grizzlies U206.5*
Hawks +6
Hawks/Clippers O232.5

After a terrible start in the first two days (together minus USD 106), Day 3 and 4 were exceptional! On Day 4, 3/3 winning picks with USD 63.80 in profits. In the last two days, 7 out of 8 picks were winners, with two successful Picks of the Day. That’s what I was hoping for when I signed up with Sports Analytics 24/7.

Overall, the balance of the betting results turned to positive (USD 18.5). What a relief after the losses in the first days. Hopefully, this is how the entire week will be. Winners, winners, winners…

Day 3

Come on! Today I need a lot of winners. The picks came in at 10:45am ET: 2 NBA and 3 NCAAB tips with a NCAAB Play of the Day:

Wiz/Spurs O222
Heat/Knicks U210.5

Georgetown +7*
Southern Illinois +5
Purdue +1

The Play of the Day is also featured on Twitter:

Just checked the betting results the first time today. The Play of the Day is a winner! But that’s not yet enough to make it a successful day. I need more winners to feel the way this guy does:

What a great Sunday: 4/5 picks were winners, including the Play of the Day. Today the NBA picks did not disappoint with 2/2 winning picks. USD 60.70 profits today, and overall at least a partial recapture of the losses incurred over the last two days.

The overall loss decreased from USD 106 to only around USD 45 and the statistics already look much better. This gives hope for the start into the new week.

Day 2

After the first day with a huge loss, I was clearly hoping for a better day. I received two emails: before noon 3 NCAAB picks. 2 winners, 1 loser. Pick of the day was again a loss:

Wichita St +5.5
Auburn ML -110

Pacers/Grizzlies U203.5
Hawks +9.5

In the afternoon, 2 NCAAB and 2 NBA picks. And the disaster from Day 1 continues: NBA with 1 loser and one void (game ended with a difference of 9, which was the handicap). Both NCAAB picks were losers:

Duquesne +3.5*
Illinois +9
Clemson +5

In total, Day 2 ended with 4 losers, 1 void, and 2 wins. Again, minus USD 54.60, what a unfortunate start into this adventure with a minus of USD 106 in the first two days. I guess it’s part of the game to go through difficult times as a bettor.

To put it in the words of a professional sports better: “The life of a professional sports bettor is filled with worry. It’s impossible to not go at least a little crazy from time to time. It’s basically a job requirement.”

I don’t read anything about the two bad days with the NBA and NCAAB picks on Insta or Twitter. Instead Sports Analytics 24/7 is celebrating the Parlay win. Ouch, that hurts my already beaten bettor sole.

Day 1

What a disaster! Out of 4 NBA picks only 1 win. Minus USD 51.40. This is definitely not the start I was looking for. Pick of the Day was also a loser. Well, I can only get better now. Here the picks of Day 1:

Grizzlies ML -125*
Clippers/Bulls O220
Heat/Cavs U207.5
Raptors -3

My wife already starts questioning the unit size of USD 20. She would have preferred USD 5. My argument for the higher unit size: how can I cash in the costs for the Sports Analytics subscription with a unit size of USD 5?

Based on my anticipated long term return of 14% (we will see if my expectations are reasonable) and a unit size of 20, I would need to bet on 80 picks to get back the initial costs for the subscription. I’m curious to see, how things will work out. First I will need to recover from this terrible start.

Remember, this is not a get rich quick scheme. So heads up, the next days will be better.


Also see the first part of this article with more background information about Sports Analytics 24/7 and its services.


Disclaimer: Neither the author nor are responsible for any decisions made based on this article. Bet responsibly. Never place bets on sports if you cannot afford to lose the money. Always respect the gambling laws applicable in your jurisdiction.

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