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  • Two great generations of players joined the Rookie Challenge in Oakland. It was the first time that second year players could participate in this competition. A fair opportunity because 1999s rookies did not have their own All-Star due to the lookout.
  • It was an exciting game full of spectacular plays. They played two halves of 15 minutes, and an overtime of 5. The three pointers of Paul Pierce and Andre Miller, the passes of Jason Williams, and a lot of dunks (Andre Miller angered people when he made a lay-up instead of a dunk).
  • The best of all was Elton Brand (number 1 in 1999s draft) who scored 14 points and got 21 rebounds(!), 12 offensive, in 30 minutes. These rebounds helped his team to win 50-36 in rebounds.
  • In a very tied game (with 18 changes of leader during the game), the winner had to be determined in the overtime, where the Rookie team leaded 11-2.
  • This game could have been even better with players like Jason Terry, Baron Davis, Vince Carter, Shawn Marion… who didn’t play for different reasons.
  • Coaches: Al Attles and Nate Thurmond (Team ROOKIES), Bill Russell and KC Jones (Team SOPHOMORES)
  • MVP: Elton Brand (Team ROOKIES)

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