Game 2015

USA 112 – WORLD 121

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  • For the last three years Rookies and Sophomores shared teams in the NBA Rising Stars Challenge. NBA ex-players and TNT analysts like Shaquille O’Neal, Charles Barkley, Grant Hill and Chris Webber were the general managers who selected the players in a draft pool to form their respective teams.
  • The league’s assistant coaches selected 10 US players and 10 international players for the game, with one ballot for each NBA team. Both 10-man rosters included 4 guards, 4 frontcourt players and 2 more players regardless of their position. Each team will feature a minimum of 3 first-year players and 3 second-year players among its 10 spots.
  • Minnesota Andrew Wiggins (22 points) took another big step in his quest for NBA superstardom, representing Canada and leading World Team to the first victory on the new format of the NBA Rising Stars Challenge.
  • Utah Jazz French center Rudy Gobert (18 points and 12 rebounds) made the spectacular plays with 3 powerful blocks and 7 dunks! Two US players, Victor Oladipo and Zach Lavine, also scored 22 points.
  • In the first half, defense was non-existent. 136 points combined of both teams and the World Team shooting .620 in field goals. Nikola Mirotic had 14 points with 4-4 3 pointers at halftime (Wiggins 13 points) and Oladipo was Team USA best scorer with 16.
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  • Coaches: Alvin Gentry (Team USA) and Kenny Atkinson (Team WORLD)
  • MVP: Andrew Wiggins (Team USA)

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