Game 2019

WORLD 144 – USA 161

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With an outstanding performance, Kyle Kuzma led Team USA to victory over Team World, coached by Dirk Nowitzki, at the All-Star Weekend of the NBA. It was a scoring party where Luka Doncic and teammates had no chance and had to admit defeat 144:161.

  • Already in the first quarter Team USA put a lot of pressure on Team World and scored the first six points of the match. Team World, for a short intermezzo, came back. Lauri Markkanen (21 points) and Ben Simmons even took the lead. Still, Team World lost the first quarter 30:40.
  • In the minutes that followed, Nowitzki’s boys returned and came close with two points. But Team USA still dominated the transition (48 vs. 26 points).
  • Kyrie Irving’s team still kept the lead and had the longer breath. In the last quarter they started with a 11:4 run. Team World only made 27 points, which is pretty low for a Rising Stars Challenge game.
  • The only player among the losing team who was able to achieve a positive plus/minus value was All-Star Simmons. With a score of +5, 28 points and an excellent throwing rate (14/17 FG) he was the best player in Team World. His colleague Luka Doncic had 13 points (5/12 FG), 9 assists and 5 rebounds.
  • For Team US the results were a bit different: four players made more than 20 pointsr and Kuzma as well as Jayson Tatum were unstoppable. The Lakers sophomore was voted MVP of the match because of its strong performance with 35 points (15/27 FG), 14 of them in the first quarter alone.
  • Meanwhile, Tatum convinced from the distance, turned six threes (6/14 3FG) and had 30 points (12/24 FG) on his account. Also De’Aaron Fox and Trae Young stood out positively. Young was the most successful scorer from the bench and scored 25 points (6/11 3FG), 10 assists and 7 rebounds. Fox focused on passing with 16 successful passes, but only 2 points (1/3 FG).
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  • Coaches: Kyrie Irving (Team USA) and Dirk Nowitzki (Team WORLD)
  • MVP: Kyle Kuzma (Team USA)
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