Space Jam: A New Legacy - LeBron James Reveal Name of Sequel

Space Jam: A New Legacy – LeBron James Reveal Name of Sequel

Its official – Space Jam 2 now has a new title, and the credit goes to the NBA star LeBron James. On April 30, 2020, the Lakers champion posted a video on Instagram. It was a video he took of himself with a hat that had the logo of Space Jam: A New Legacy. Well, the alleged title of the Looney Tunes sequel is going to be this. The video was also reposted by the official Twitter page of the film.

LeBron James added a caption to his video that stated ‘2021’. It clearly reflects that the movie will release next year, but there is no specific release date as of now. Back in February 2019, Warner Bros. announced the release date of this movie was July 16, 2021. Well, we can expect that that’s what the day is going to be until further announcement.

Malcolm D. Lee, the director of Girls Trip, is going to direct the next part of the 1996 animated movie. He is also famous for his work in Barbershop: The Final Cut and Night School. Earlier, the film was to be directed by Terence Nance. However, he was replaced in July 2019. Apparently, his visions for the film was not that the producers accepted.

LeBron James’ big break into the movies

Space Jam: A New Legacy is going to the first big acting role for James. He had previously played in Trainwreck alongside Bill Hader and Amy Schumer. He was also the host for a talk show called The Shop. It aired on HBO and James was seen to come in conversations with celebrities, athletes, and significant personalities.

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Expectations from Space Jam: A New Legacy

You might already know that the original Space Jam movie had Michael Jordan teaming up with the cartoon gang. Together they defeated an evil alien group of basketball players. The movie earned $230 million worldwide. This one also includes other NBA stars like Charles Barkley, Larry Bird, Larry Johnson, Patrick Ewing, Muggsy Bogues, and Shawn Bradley.

Going by the record, we might be lucky to find current NBA players to be a part of this sequel as well. However, there is no concrete news – we can just keep our fingers crossed!

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