Trevor Lawrence

Trevor Lawrence From Clemson Tiger Tests Positive of Coronavirus

American quarterback Trevor Lawrence gets Coronavirus. He is the Heisman Trophy front line player playing for Clemson Tigers.

Clemson Tigers is the best team in the country now. They are taking on Boston College on Saturday in the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association). The championship favorite Trevor is Covid-19 positive, and the news came from the NFL on Thursday.

Trevor misses Boston college match due to COVID

Clemson coach Dabo Swinney said that Trevor permitted the team to put out the news of his Covid-19 positive. The footballer is in quarantine and not having severe symptoms. His health is stable. The Saturday game against Boston College is not having him, but this is an excellent opportunity for other players to price their metal in the game. The team is not losing its spirit in this game.

According to the NFL, The Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) said that Lawrence would not be able to play the match with Eagles. He will be in isolation for 10 days.

Trevor Lawrence is leading the Heisman Trophy with his scores. Clemson Tigers’ score is 6-0 by far. Trevor himself 17 passes with a touchdown, eight sacks, 1833 passing yards and two interceptions.

Trevor the favorite freshman playing like a most prospective quarterback

There was just one match that Clemson lost since Trevor came into the team as the quarterback. He was playing in Clemson after he became one of the favorite freshman players. The quarterback also played in 2017 in a national championship for Clemson. Lawrence delivered third-down conversion throws back to back, beating the Alabama defenses with 44-16. Lawrence is the favorite to get picked up in the next NFL draft in 2021 in Cleveland.

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Doubtful if Trevor Lawrence will stay in Tigers or not

Swinney said to ESPN that there would be no surprise if the quarterback doesn’t come back to school as his hype in the NFL is huge now.

He added that he didn’t presume things about the NFL draft. Lawrence will do what’s best for him. The coach though is saving a scholarship for the favorite quarterback in case he comes back to school. Coach and his players don’t give so much thought to it. Trevor is only concentrating on the coming season with Tigers.

Swinney said that he has doubts if he stays with Tigers in 2021. It’s up to him, and if he wants then the team will undoubtedly value his decision. There is no certainty, though, as he thought Christian Wilkins would not be back but he did. It can happen with Trevor Lawrence also.

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