Reasons You Should Move to Sports City Dubai

Reasons You Should Move to Sports City Dubai

Dubai is emerging as one of the most innovative cities in the world. It has presented the world with various unique ideas for the future. Dubai has become home to one of the wealthiest people around the globe. It has something to offer for everyone as it is an ex-pat paradise. As indicated by the name, Dubai Sports City is constructed for sports enthusiasts. It is furnished with all the facilities that a vibrant lifestyle love might ask for. Not only is it a haven for sports enthusiasts, but it attracts families too due to its extravagant design and features. Along with that, it offers thousands of opportunities for business and job holders to improve their lifestyle. Here’s a list of few features that one should move to Sports City Dubai. Also, if you are in Dubai as a tourist or for work, make sure to car rental in Dubaior lease one according to your stay purpose.

Easy Access to Roads

One of the things that makes it the ideal city is that it has quick routes for all of its residents. It is based on a centrally located design. People can move around from one place to another quite easily and quickly. It is easily accessible to Sheikh Zayed Road and Al Khalil Road, two of the important highways of Dubai.

For residents working in Dubai Internet City or Dubai Media City, coming from Dubai Sports City is very fast. For those who have to get to their daily job there, it is very convenient.

Highly Affordable Apartments and Villas

The city is planned to serve the needs of common residents. As a result, it offers the best prices to its residents. You can find any mode of accommodation that you may desire. The range of Family apartments starts at around 20k AED.

This rate is quite low compared to the rates in other parts of Dubai. It has a wide range of bachelors too. You can also find 4-5 bedroom villas affordably.

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Top-Class Schools and Nurseries

The community of Dubai Sports City is built around the motto that children are of the utmost importance. For that reason, the city is fully equipped with advanced schools. The curricula offered at these schools are among the best and latest.

For your babies, there are various nurseries. You can leave your babies there to be taken care of by professionals. This gives you the freedom to be able to go about your day’s tasks in a better manner. Your baby will be brought into a highly interactive environment. It helps boost intelligence and curiosity in children from a young age. It makes them destined for great things.

Close to Shopping Malls

Who doesn’t love shopping malls? And what’s better than having one just 15 min drive from your home. Dubai Sports City provides its residents with shopping malls around. You can find all kinds of shops and activities at these malls. And the best thing about them is you don’t have to go too far for them either.

Home to Trendy Restaurants

Dubai Sports City has all kinds of restaurants all around the city. Two things make these restaurants the best out of all Dubai: The first is they have the best food taste. Dubai Sports City is particularly known for its exquisite kebab shop.

The second thing about these restaurants is that they are always following the latest trends. Trends tend to change frequently. This restaurant knows that and has mastered how to change according to them. You can find restaurants with unique ambiance and themes all around. They make the best place for parties and community gatherings from time to time.

A City with Beautiful Views

Dubai Sports City does not only provide you with the best facilities, it has the best views too. Every morning when you wake up to a beautiful view from your window, you will surely be in a pleasant mood for the whole day.

The serene water of the canal and the greenery of the golf course adds to the beauty of the. Now you don’t have to travel far to have that view, move to your window and you can easily enjoy it there.

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Fitness Clubs

Fitness Clubs

To help you stay fit, Dubai Sports City offers your fitness club. You can visit one anytime and select an exercise routine based on your body. You will find all the latest equipment there. The staff there is always happy to help with it.

You can find a fitness activity that is for you. There are facilities for swimming, weightlifting, circuit practice, and group exercise. All are under the professional guidance of trainers.

Golf Course

Golf Course

If you like playing golf, then look no further than the Els Club for golfers. The place is not only a heaven for the golfers, but its beauty and greenery make it an attraction for the non-golfers too. The golf course plays an important role in making the city a beautiful place.

Wide Range of Footpaths

To help you with your long walks in nature, Dubai Sports City presents you with a wide range of footpaths. The paths are fully paved and covered in greenery so you feel closer to nature whenever you are in the mood for a walk.


Dubai Sports City, home to an iconic Cricket Stadium, is a symbol of active life. It is not only a heaven for the people who love a vibrant lifestyle, but the beauty and affordability make it an ideal living spot for others too. To say that Dubai Sports City is the city of the future will not be wrong. So, pack your bags, find an apartment that fits you and moves to Dubai Sports City, and enjoy life as you deserve.

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